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On the 16th November 2012 the government announced that it will subsidise Lyrica on the pharmaceutical benefits schedule (PBS). This is good news for patients who suffer from chronic nerve pain and have found the cost of Lyrica prohibitive to date. We are reliably informed by Pfizer (makers of Lyrica) that realistically Lyrica will be available on prescription, at the new subsidised price, by March 2013. 

Cervical artificial intervertebral disc replacment

In January 2010 the Spine Society of Australia made an application  requesting the government reinstate the listing of the cervical artificial intervertebral disc replacement on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). After 2 years of tireless efforts by Dr Peter McCombe and Dr Graeme Brazenor, on behalf of the Spine Society of Australia, the government has approved the listing of this implant on the MBS. For patients this means that Medicare along with  private health funds will insure the cost of  this surgery. Though the item number is in the new MBS book as at 1st November 2012, it will not be until February 2013 that benefits may be claimed with Medicare and the health funds.