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Surgical fees (includes assistant's fee)

A quote will be provided for recommended surgical procedures. Generally surgical fees are less than the Australian Medical Association recommended fees.

  • In most cases this practice accepts benefits paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs as full payment of surgical fees. For very complex surgery, or where associated medical conditions may extend the period of care, Dr McCombe may opt not to participate in the Department of Veteran Affairs benefits scheme. In this instance a quote will be provided. 


Cancellation Policy
In the absence of reasonable medical or social reasons, short notice cancellation of a surgical procedure by a patient will incur a cancellation fee commensurate with time booked for the procedure to a maximum of $500.

A significant period time is set aside for outpatient appointments. In the absence of  reasonable medical or social reasons, cancellation of an appointment less than 2 business days before will generate a fee equivalent to the consultation fee unless we are able to fill the available appointment time.