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Cervical discectomy

Cervical discectomy  involves removal of a cervical disc prolapse through an approach on the back of the neck.

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Lumbar discectomy   


Discectomy (sometimes also referred to as microdiscectomy) is an operation that involves removal of part of the intervertabral disc.The procedure is performed for a disc herniation. Disc herniations cause pain in the limb (sciatica if in the leg) by means of the compression and inflamation of the nerve that normally supplies the feeling to that limb.



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Laminectomy is a general term for decompression of spinal stenosis. Literally, the term means removal of the lamina. The lamina is the part of the bone at the back of the spinal canal that completes the 'roof' of the spinal canal.

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Cervical foraminotomy

Foraminotomy in the neck is used to decompress a cervical nerve root that is compressed and  causing referred pain into the arm. The reason for the compression can either be a lateral disc herniation or compression by bony spurs from an arthritic cervical facet joint.

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